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Press Release Raj Niwas

Saturday, June 20, 2020


In an important meeting chaired by the Hon’ble Lt Governor, Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) today approved recommendations of the High Level Expert Committee for fixing rates of hospital beds for treatment of Covid patients. Rates for Isolation bed, ICUs without & with ventilator in all hospitals are capped at Rs 8000-10000, 13000-15000 and 15000-18000 respectively.

The rates approved by the committee would be applicable to all COVID beds up to the upper limit of 60% of total bed capacity of the private hospitals. This step will provide much needed relief to the people of Delhi with drastic reduction in treatment charges from current charges of  Rs 24000-25000, 34000-43000 & 44000-54000 respectively.

The committee was constituted on the directions of Hon’ble Union Home Minister under the Chairmanship of Dr. Vinod K Paul, Member, NITI Aayog to fix rates charged by Pvt hospitals in Delhi for isolation beds, ICUs without ventilator support & ICUs with ventilator support.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor also directed that the hospitals would follow the National Guidelines on admission of COVID-19 patients. The rates recommended for private hospitals beds would be all inclusive as a package. The package rates would include costs of medical care of underlying co-morbid conditions including supportive care and cost of medications thereof, for the duration of care for COVID.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor reiterated that best quality of clinical care should be provided to all patients. He advised that the health department should ensure adherence to quality of care by the hospitals/Laboratories as per standards. An efficient system for feedback and grievance redressal should be put in place by the Health Department to strictly ensure implementation of the recommendations of the High Level Expert Committee.

The issue of mandatory institutional quarantine was also discussed in detail. As the Government has started intensive community based rapid testing, it is possible that individuals who are positive may have moderate to severe illness necessitating hospitalization which can be missed if they are home isolated.

To prevent this from happening, all individuals who are positive will be referred to the COVID care centers for assessment of clinical conditions, severity of illness and presence of co-morbidities. Simultaneously, physical assessment will also be done whether adequate facilities for home isolation like minimum two rooms and separate toilet exists so that the family members and neighbors are protected and a cluster of cases does not develop in that locality.

If adequate facility for home isolation exists, and the person on clinical assessment does not require hospitalization, he would be offered to either continue to stay in COVID centre/ paid isolation facility (hotels etc), or can opt for home isolation.  Those who are in home isolation should follow home isolation guidelines laid down by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and should stay in touch with health care providers so that if their condition deteriorates, they can be moved to the COVID hospitals.  The earlier orders would be amended accordingly.

The recent initiatives taken under the guidance of Hon’ble Home Minister have already led to massive increase in testing and have made testing affordable for the common men. The decision taken on reducing hospital rates as per the recommendations of the committee constituted on the direction of hon’ble HM would further help the common men in the fight against covid.

Hon’ble Lt. Governor appreciated all stakeholders for their concerted efforts and directed to make sure that the available health infrastructure is ramped up. He emphasized that every single life is precious and all possible steps should be taken to ensure best possible treatment to each patient.



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