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Press Release

Friday, June 10, 2022

The Lt. Governor Shri V.K. Saxena and the Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal discussed various issues related to well-being and convenience of the Capital’s residents, in their weekly meeting today. 

Drawing from his vast experience at KVIC and earlier engagements with grass root civil society organizations, of working for and amidst the poorest of the poor, the Lt. Governor brought up the issue of skill training & distribution of enabling toolkits to 75,000 unskilled/semi-skilled workers in the unorganized sectors like pottery, carpentry, shoe-making and blacksmithery etc, with the aim of bringing the most marginalized in the mains stream of development. This, the Chief Minister dwelling on his own experience in the sector, agreed would bring about much-needed empowerment and livelihood enhancement of the targeted segments. It was agreed by LG and CM to immediately start work for the identification of individual and group beneficiaries for the roll out of this program.   

The LG also invoked training & distribution of machinery for making cow dung logs, cotton wicks, diyas etc. from cow dung, which would lead to empowerment of women, financial gains & prevent clogging of drains by deterring dung disposal. This would also provide additional income to farmers and dairy owners in line with the dreams of Hon’ble Prime Minister  to enhance their income. The LG underlined that the cow dung logs thus created could be used as an alternative to wood for cremation purposes. It would in the process save trees from being cut to this end and address environmental concerns. Upon the Lt. Governor informing that Gobar was being successfully used for the production of paint, emulsion and distemper, the CM said that a team of officials would visit Jaipur to see and learn the know-how of the processes so as to replicate the same in Delhi as well as in Punjab. 

The LG and CM discussed about the prevalent and recurring issue of water scarcity in the city and stressed upon a sustainable way forward that entailed making the city self-sufficient in meeting its water requirements. The Lt. Governor assured the CM that he would take up the issue with, and at all appropriate levels to address it in the interim. It was also decided that a meeting of all concerned departments will be held in presence of the Lt. Governor and the Chief Minister on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, wherein the officers will be asked to present their concrete plans detailing the number of sink holes that they would put in place before 30th June, 2022 for the purpose absorbing rain/flood water and prevent water-logging, apart from recharging the water table, as decided in the last meeting. 

The LG also discussed the idea of planting suitable bamboo varieties on the peripheries of Delhi and sandalwood trees on Govt. land meant for plantation. He underlined that while the sandal trees over a period of time would develop into monetizable asset for the Govt., the bamboo at the periphery would ensure containment of dust pollution that flows in from the waste apart from enriching oxygen levels. The Chief Minister while agreeing to the idea for implementation in Delhi by the concerned departments, also expressed his desire to replicate it in Punjab.

Corruption and harassment in delivery of public services like issuing of certificates, property registration etc. and the remedial measures thereof was also discussed. The LG flagged the issue of non off-take of additional ration under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana in the city and requested the Chief Minister to get the matter looked into. 

Apart from the above, the LG and CM also discussed about upgrading of infrastructural support and public amenities at cremation grounds/graveyards  and decided to take immediate steps to ensure betterment.

They also discussed about the preparations and rollout of the special cleanliness and sanitation drive that they will jointly launch and monitor. 

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