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LG's direction to MCD to offer C&D waste and inert from landfill sites to stakeholders start yielding results.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

• LG's direction to MCD to offer C&D waste and inert from landfill sites to stakeholders start yielding results.

• MCD has received request for 10,500 MTs of inert and C&D waste from private entities; 8421.75 MTs inert already lifted.

• MCD saves Rs. 42 lakhs

The appeal made by Municipal Corporation of Delhi on directions of the Lt. Governor, Shri V.K. Saxena, to the people of Delhi and NCR to utilize the Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste and inert at the three garbage dumping sites in Delhi has begun to yield encouraging results. In less than a month, orders for more than 10,000 MTs of inert and C&D waste has been received from private entities, of which 8421.75 MTs has already been lifted.

Ever since taking over, the Lt Governor, Shri V.K. Saxena has been taking bold and innovative decisions to rid the National Capital of its long persisting, often festering problems. It has been his endeavour to arrive at solutions by ensuring public participation by appealing directly to the people to work with the government agencies as stakeholders in solving heritage issues that mar Delhi.
One of the steps in this direction was to address the issue of accumulated C&D and inert waste at the 3 dumping sites of MCD by appealing to the people- industry, contractors, road constructing agencies, builders and individuals in Delhi and NCR to pick up and use this reusable waste free of cost. The LG had visited the landfill site at Ghazipur on 29thMay, 2022, and after taking stock of the situation on ground asked officials to explore the possibilities of disposal of inert and C&D waste with public-participation.

Accordingly, Shri Saxena had directed the MCD to issue a public appeal in which the Corporation had appealed to the residents of Delhi and the National Capital Region to optimally use the C&D Waste and Inert material for their construction activities. MCD had offered to give the C&D waste and inert from landfill sites free of cost. The appeal first made on 21st July, 2022 and later on 04th August, 2022 has borne fruitful and encouraging results with people of Delhi and NCR as well as various agencies warming up to the idea to use the C&D waste and inert for their own use and ordered 10,500 MTs in less than one month.

The Lt. Governor had also asked to other government agencies involved in building and road construction like DDA, PWD, NDMC and CPWD, etc. to start using inert and C&D waste for their activities. DDA and PWD have already decided to use the same.

This exercise by MCD has effected a win-win situation for all stakeholders, which is resulting in three pronged benefits. While it is saving costs for MCD as well as people/agencies utilizing the waste, it is also ensuring that the height of the garbage mounds gets reduced.

MCD was earlier bearing an average cost of Rs. 500 MTsfor transportation of inert and C&D waste from landfill sites to construction sites of user like NHAI. But now, agencies/people are lifting inert and C&D waste from the landfill sites at their own expenses. At this rate, MCD has so far saved over Rs. 42.11 lakhsin disposal of 8421.75 MTs of waste, which it would have incurred otherwise. On the other hand, the agencies/public who were till now paying for inert and C&D waste procured from the market at an average rate of Rs. 500-700, per MT are now getting it free of cost by just paying the transportation charges.

Delhi's landfill sites at Bhalaswa, Okhla and Ghazipur have heaps of inert which is obtained after processing garbage as well as C&D waste. This can be used in filling low lying areas, base of buildings, road construction, making interlocking blocks etc. The space cleared after removing inert can be used for setting up more trommel machines at landfill sites, which will lead to faster processing of legacy waste.

Encouraged by these results, the LG has directed the MCD to further augment engagement with concerned stakeholders and reiterate its appeal to them so that the process of off take of C&D waste and inert could be expedited. It may be noted that the LG himself is steering engagements with various government and private agencies/organizations to ensure reuse and recycling of the legacy waste in the City.
Due to continuous dumping for the last 35-40 years, heaps of garbage at these landfill sites have turned into garbage ‘mountains’ of 50 to 60 meters height, containing 280 lakh tonnes of garbage.


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