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De-silting and refurbishing of Najafgarh Drain completed on stretch between Timarpur and Bharat Nagar ahead of schedule.

Saturday, December 17, 2022

  • De-silting and refurbishing of Najafgarh Drain completed on stretch between Timarpur and Bharat Nagar ahead of schedule.
  • LG appeals to people to not throw garbage directly into the Najafgarh Drain.

The Lt. Governor, Shri V.K. Saxena has appealed to the people living in colonies / localities along the banks of the Najafgarh Drain, not to throw garbage directly into and on the banks of the Drain.  Shri Saxena, in an emotional exhortation to the residents has underlined that, now that the seemingly undoable task of rejuvenating the Najafgarh Drain and the revival of Sahibi river, had started becoming a reality, people should own-up their valuable legacy and keep it clean.  The Lt. Governor, who was on an inspection visit of the stretch between Mall Road Bridge and Bharat Nagar, while appreciating the work done so far noticed fresh garbage thrown on the already cleaned and refurbished banks. 

Works on cleaning and rejuvenation of the 57-km Drain using the extremely cost-effective Partial Gravitational De-silting Technology and trapping of 32 feeder drains bringing in unfettered sewage and silt into the drain, in the first phase on the stretch between Timarpur and Bharat Nagar, were started under the direct supervision of the Lt. Governor from towards the mouth of the drain in September and have begun to show concrete results.  While the works of de-silting and restoration of embankments from Wazirabad to Timarpur had been completed in November end, further works on the 7.5 km stretch between Mall Road Bridge and Bharat Nagar, scheduled to be completed by the middle of January, 2023 is going on in full earnest and is ahead of schedule. 

Any visitor to the site can see visible upgradation and change in terms of flowing water, absence of deep seated silt, repaired and refurbished embankments and trapped feeder drains that were hitherto flowing directly into the Najafgarh Drain.  Many citizens living in colonies and localities along the bank of the Drain on the stretch where it has been cleaned, have been writing to the LG Secretariat expressing satisfaction over the initiative that have been taken and expressed their desire to be proactive partners in rejuvenation of the Najafgarh Drain / Sahibi river. 

It may be noted that apathy and neglect on part of Government Departments and agencies over the decades have converted this thriving and treasured, living water body into a stinking dead Drain, that apart from contributing maximum to the pollution of Yamuna possess a constant health hazard to the people living in its vicinity, apart from causing water-logging in its catchment area due to its inability to carry water. 

The Drain has become an almost stagnant reservoir of silt sewerage and sludge with over 80 Lakh tonnes of underwater solidified garbage  / silt mounts, that has severely affected its flow and carrying capacity.  Efforts during the past couple of months have led to more than 50,000 tonnes of silt getting removed and efforts are on to totally de-silt the water body in a time-bound manner. 

In addition to this, 27,000 tonnes of surface garbage / silt, mostly accumulated on the outer periphery of the Drain have been removed and deposited on the banks.  This in turn, is being lifted by MCD with immediate effect, at places, even by temporarily breaking the boundaries so as to reach, the otherwise inaccessible embankments.      

Rejuvenation of Najafgarh Drain has been a focus area of the LG who has held a series of meetings involving multiple civic agencies and undertaken several visits and boat rides in the drain in the last five months to monitor de-silting operations and overall cleaning of the Drain. Putting in place a comprehensive plan of action that is cost effective and environmentally sustainable, Saxena has ensured seamless coordination between various stakeholders like the I&FC Deptt, DDA, DJB, PWD, MCD and DMRC. The 57-km long drain has as many as 122 drains discharging sewage into it. This makes Najafgarh Drain the biggest polluter of River Yamuna.

Those accompany the Lt. Governor in his visit today included Commissioner (MCD), Principal Secretary (I&FC), Secretary (Tourism) and other senior officials of various stakeholder departments like DJB & PWD, etc.



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