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Corporations taking steps to manage Delhi three sanitary landfill sites at Okhla, Ghazipur and Bhalswa using modern technologies

Monday, July 16, 2018

  • Corporations taking steps to manage Delhi’s three sanitary landfill sites at Okhla, Ghazipur and Bhalswa using modern technologies
  • LG- Efficient Solid waste management strategies being undertaken
  • Corporations working on solutions under expert guidance for Ghazipur, Bhalswa and Okhla Landfill sites- LG         

Immediately after assuming office, the Lt. Governor Sh Anil Baijal visited the Bhalswa,, Okhla and Ghazipur landfill sites and Construction and Demolition Waste Plants (C&D Waste) at Burari and Shastri Park.

In his first review meeting in January 2017, he directed all three Corporations to augment capacities of Waste-to-Energy plants for scientific disposal of current waste to reduce waste disposal at landfill sites and simultaneously took decisions to tackle the problem of legacy mounds in a comprehensive, safe and scientific manner.

The Lt. Governor has been regularly reviewing and monitoring garbage disposal plans and actions of all the three Municipal Corporations for management of legacy mounds and processing of daily waste generated their site specific challenges and imminent requirement of remediation of these huge mounds.

A Scientific Advisory Committee comprising of high level experts from the premier institutes of the country such as IITs, CSIR and TERI in Sept 2017 was constituted by the Department of Science and Technology, GOI on the advice of the Hon’ble Lt. Governor. As a result of his 27 review meetings with all stakeholders and 8 site visits since January 2017, the MCDs chalked out detailed plans and took steps to manage the 34 million metric tonnes of garbage in the form of legacy mounds and for closure of the sanitary landfill sites.

The Project Team of IIT Delhi involved with the three Corporations and the Scientific Advisory Committeehighlighted that the landfill height at all the three sites is excessive with steep slopes of inadequate stability; Sites are overfilled; prone to internal and external fires due to high production of methane inside the landfills; Site specific issues for landfill stabilization and their closure; for both short and long term solutions for closure of these sites, additional space is required.

The LG, from time to time gave directions to the MCDs for management of the mounds and daily waste in a scientific manner.

For the municipal solid waste generated daily in SDMC, additional capacity of 25 MW Waste To Energy plant at Tehkhand to process 2500 TPD waste is being set up which will become operational by Dec 2019

For the municipal solid waste generated daily in NDMC, additional capacity of 15 MW Waste To Energy plant at Tehkhand to process 1500 TPD waste is being set up which will become operational by August 2020. Decentralized composting/ Bio methanation Plants for processing of 500 MT of MSW will start by September 2018.

For the municipal solid waste generated daily by November 2018, EDMC will be enhancing the capacity of Ghazipur Waste to Energy Plant by 1000 TPD. Decentralized composting/ Bio methanation Plants for processing of 245 MT per day will be operationalized in a phased manner beginning September 2018 to April 2019.

Of the 5300 MT C&D waste generated daily in Delhi, 2500 MT waste is processed in the two C & D waste processing plants at Burari, North Delhi Municipal Corporation and Shastri Park, East Delhi Municipal Corporation. Four C&D processing plants of additional capacity of 3000 MT will be set up by the three Corporations by December 2018.

Okhla Landfill Site, SDMC

With accumulated garbage of 60 lakh MT the landfill site is spread over 32 acres. The site which is in operation since 1996 was saturated in 2008. Under guidance of Project Team from IIT Delhi SDMC has started remediation process and as on date about 30-40% of the slope stabilization has been achieved. The balance slope profiling and engineered closure will be completed by July 2019.

Ghazipur Landfill Site, EDMC

It is the oldest landfill site with accumulated garbage of over 140 lakh MT and spread over 70 acres of area. The garbage height has reached 180 feets as against permissible 45-60 feets. This being a live landfill site requires alternative land to begin the remediation process. Suitable land at at Ghonda Gujran and Sonia Vihar has been identified. EDMC has roped in GAIL to flare the 34 cubic meter landfill gas. Final closure is expected to take 12 to 18 months.

Bhalswa Landfill Site, NDMC

Due to high production of methane gas inside the landfill, it is plagued with the problem of frequent internal and external fires. Under the guidance of the Scientific Advisory Committee NDMC has started the process of dousing the internal and external fires along the unstable slopes and embedded deep below. As on July 2018 the daily dump of MSW has been reduced from 3100 MT to 2000 MT. The experts have suggested that engineered closure of this site will take approximately 24 months.

All these projects will be completed in two years time August 2020 . After completion of these three projects, it is expected that no untreated garbage will be dumped at the landfill sites.

The problem of garbage mounds is a legacy problem of six decades and multiple issues as highlighted above have made it a challenging task. As a result of intensive and continuous monitoring by the Lt. Governor through site visits and regular meetings and the directions and guidance given, work is already underway to address these problems in a time bound manner in a comprehensive and sustainable way.

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